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This is a poster I made for some reason.


So, would anyone be interested in a poster of this? Is this something people would buy? If you would like a poster (11×17), leave a comment or drop me an email, we can work something out.


I outlined my process and drafts below, if you’re interested.

The Process for the Catstronaut

Step zero. Back in the fall of 2009, I realized that “astronaut” could contain the world “cat” somehow.

Step one. I sketched a thing in Sharpie and hung it by my desk for months.

Step two. I began searching for found references and put them together into this horrible mix in Photoshop.

space suits.

lots and lots of cats

Step three. Early 2010, I drew the line work in Illustrator.

Step four. I colored it in Photoshop.

Step five. I finished it.

Any comments, questions, threats? Leave them below.

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  • Travis done said:

    DUDE. Implement the Facebook Like button on this site. I need to show the world how much I like this.

    • HP done said:

      Your wish is my thing that I did.

  • Sid done said:

    I will buy it. I will but it and Beer Bear. Sell me this!

  • Angela done said:

    I’m trying to share Catstronaut with the world, but Facebook isn’t allowing it.

    • HP done said:

      Not sure why, the Like button should work. Then again I have no idea what I am doing, so,

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