Things That Explode

Mon 09.06.10 | 3 comments

Summer is waning down, so let’s relive the few parts of the season that were not hot as Hell. In recent years,  my friends and I have started a Fourth of July tradition. Travis‘ family has a lakeside cabin in New Hampshire, so we all head on up there for the weekend. At the cabin, we swim, enjoy the sun, and blow things up. Here are some photos of things blowing up.

Fireworks 2010 #1

Fireworks 2010 #2


By the way, if you have not ascertained as such, I am on Flickr. It’s a fledgling account, but I expect it to grow, like an acorn in a high yield savings bond.

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  • Carl done said:

    And Travis was okay with being exploded?

  • Travis done said:

    Always okay with being exploded! Heck, he’s even exploding me at my own place!

  • Carl done said:

    Now that’s service!

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