Color(ado) Me Bad

Mon 10.18.10 | 6 comments

I was in Colorado Springs a few weeks ago. From my limited experience, Colorado has three things: rocks, meth heads*, and roads.

*Meth heads not in photo

Here are some rocks.

Garden of the Gods #2

On the Road to the Garden of the Gods

Here are some roads.

On the Road from the Garden of the Gods

In lieu of photographing a meth head, here is a bird.

Blue Boid

As an aside, I would like to make it clear that Colorado is a beautiful state, and that’s just not just the lack of oxygen at 6,000 feet above sea level talking!

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    • Sarah done said:

      Awesome pictures, HP!! And I like the new site, btw!! I think this is first time I’ve been able to look at it… seeing as I live in the 90’s with dial-up still. :-/

      • HP done said:

        Thanks! Be sure to check the site whenever you’re not on a 10k modem operated by pigeon carriers!

    • Melanie done said:

      What kind of camera were you using when you were in Colorado? I like the photos.

      • HP done said:

        Thanks. It was just my plain ol’ digital camera, I just took some time to edit and process the photos when I got home.

    • Angela done said:

      That’s a pretty bird. What kind of bird is that?

      • HP done said:

        Blue bird. Let’s go with Blue Bird.

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