It’s Li’l Hoover!

Mon 05.16.11 | 2 comments

If a speech about socialism moves ya!
Better speak to Li’l Hoo-ver!

America is great, boo yah!
Come sing with Li’l Hoo-ver!

If you forget to shut the louver!
Then, come ask Li’l Hoo-ver!

Li’l Hoover Memory Cards are perfect for remembering things while under the constant threat of Red Aggression! What better way to spark your memory than nuclear annihilation?

This week's episode: Li'l Hoover Breaks the Vacuum!

Don’t you just love his little shorts? Goes great with that poster of J. Edgar Hoover I have available!

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  • Carl done said:

    Once again, your Hoovers are confused.

  • Carl done said:

    Wait… Never mind.

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