Hyphen Home Movies Part 1

Mon 07.11.11 | 5 comments

A few months ago, I uploaded a poster for my annual ironic-narcissist-what-have-you birthday celebration, Hyphenfest.  Typically, I take about 1,000 incriminating photos and post them up on Facebook. However, this year I turned to video. Please enjoy two of five videos from Hyphenfest 2011.

A gathering.

Song: “Numb” by Blueprint

The request was that gifts cost no more than $10, preferably free. It is up to the creativity and ingenuity of the guest to provide a gift worthy of memory. Sadly, not all great items could fit into the video, so thank you to all who attended.

Song: “Wild Life” by Lazerbeak

Come back next week when the next set of home movies are posted!

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    • Sarah done said:

      Awesome videos! Looks like you guys had a great time, sorry we couldn’t make it.

      ps – I’m glad last year’s gift (that snake) was put to good use! lol

    • Sarah done said:

      pps – I love the music in the videos too! 🙂

      • HP done said:

        Thanks! I think I put all the music info on the videos, so you can pick it out.

    • Chris done said:

      “Is that a fucking grenade!? OH NO!”

      Made my night.

    • Angela done said:

      Glad to see a video of Charlie leaping over a trash can was included.

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