Hyphen Home Movies Part 2

Mon 07.18.11 | 4 comments

Last week I posted Part 1 of the Hyphenfest 2011 videos. Please enjoy the downward spiral. By the way, due to some of my more “vocal” friends, these videos might be considered not safe for work, so view them when you get home and have a beer in hand.

Rated PG13 – As the sun sets, our day begins. Energy is renewed, blood mixes with ethanol, and a bunch of nerds discuss Tron for far too long.

Songs: Something from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, I think.

Rated R – $2.99 for six beers, what could be better? Perhaps, Shoes in 3D? The party spills outside. We reach the peak.

Rated NC17 – Does anyone even use this rating any more? Isn’t it a financial kiss of death? The spiral plummets downward.

Song: “Animal Rap (Arturo Gatti Mix)” Jedi Mind Tricks

Be sure to check the Hyphensite Vimeo channel from time to time, as I think I am going to start uploading the occasional home movie. I’ll try to keep it interesting.

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    • Travis done said:

      Bloody good job!

    • Angela done said:

      Watched the first one… then everything fell apart and they stopped working. I’ll try again later.

      Also, I really thought I would get away without a shot of me cramming food in my mouth, but, no.

      • HP done said:

        No one escapes unscathed!

        • Angela done said:

          It doesn’t help that I’m always eating, all of the time.

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