A Few Photos from Seattle

Fri 08.26.11 | 3 comments

A few weeks ago, I traveled out to Washington to attend my cousin’s wedding. I have a bit of history with Seattle. First time I visited Seattle, it was to escape from the fact that I had recently graduated from college, was working on a farm, and was recovering from a nasty break-up. The second time time I visited Seattle, it was with some dear friends and I left it with a scar and it took my right knee. This time I was out in Seattle with my girlfriend, so I decided to play tourist.

Here is that needle thing I have read about.

The 10,000,000th Photo of the Space Needle

Here is also a needle thing.


I took this photo from on top of the needle thing I was just referencing in the previous two photos directly above this line of text that I hope you are reading.

Seattle From High #1

There are a number more photos, which will eventually find their way onto this site. Remember, you can always check out more photos of mine on Flickr. If you are on Flickr, add me as a contact, we can hug sometime.

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  • Sarah done said:

    Nice pictures! Looks like you guys had a great time in Seattle ๐Ÿ™‚ Today Ashley told us the story about your homeless tour guide of the city… haha.

    • HP done said:

      I might need to do some sort of Homeless Special or something, because I have a few stories.

  • Ashley done said:

    Had a great time! I’m sure this will be a city we will return to in the future! ๐Ÿ™‚

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