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Sun 11.06.11 | 1 comment

I am starting my new job tomorrow. After almost 5 years sitting in a cubicle working on Excel Spreadsheets I have now moved on to sitting in a cubicle working on cascading style sheets. I’m fairly nervous about this whole event. It’s like starting kindergarten all over again. As history repeats itself, I have not stopped filling my diaper every time I remember I have a New Thing soon. All New Things are scary. It’s a design flaw.

Enjoy some industrial photos, I’m going to go puke on myself again. Here’s a “photo.”


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  • Sarah done said:

    Congrats again on the new job, HP! I’m glad it’s going well and you’re not filling your diaper anymore :p
    Where did you take these pictures? They’re pretty cool. Though I can’t quite figure out what they are…

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