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Sun 11.06.11 | 1 comment

Two photo posts in a row? I am such a stupid, smelly shit-boy. What an idiot. Anyway, I am starting my new job tomorrow. After almost 5 years sitting in a cubicle working on Excel Spreadsheets I have now moved on to sitting in a cubicle working on cascading style sheets. I’m fairly nervous about this whole event. It’s like starting kindergarten all over again. As history repeats itself, I have not stopped filling my diaper every time I remember I have a New Thing soon. All New Things are scary. It’s a design flaw.

Enjoy some industrial photos, I’m going to go puke on myself again. To keep updated on my diaper habits plus moral support, you should “peep” my “Twitter” “account” over at HyphenateMe@Twitter. Here’s a “photo.”


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    • Sarah done said:

      Congrats again on the new job, HP! I’m glad it’s going well and you’re not filling your diaper anymore :p
      Where did you take these pictures? They’re pretty cool. Though I can’t quite figure out what they are…

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