Stuff You Should Listen To: Chapter 1

Fri 11.18.11 | Jump to comments

As mentioned, I am pretty wrapped up with my new job, which is going well so far. No time for posters or video projects or photos or sarcastically written posts acting as a thinly veiled suicide note. Instead, please enjoy my new series, which I will be posting for the next few weeks.

This week, let’s discuss Macklemore, a rapper from Seattle. I was introduced to him through his song Irish Celebration, found below:


Recently, Macklemore has been been blowing up with his infectiously catchy single And We Danced, which has a music video that I can only really describe as “late 80s-tastic.”


You can check out more Macklemore on Amazon. His recent mixtapes are less than $5, short and to the point. For anyone in the Boston area, Macklemore will be at the Paradise Rock Club on Thursday December 8th.

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