Stuff You Should Listen To: Chapter 3

Sun 12.04.11 | 2 comments

I simply cannot hype this guy enough. Astronautalis is a performer in a genre of his own creation, lately referred to as “Historical Fiction Hip Hop.” Astronautalis is an indy rapper, a signer, a theatrical performer, and an all around nice guy to talk to. His stage show is engaging and he can spin a solid 10 minute freestyle so comprehensive it will break you.

Astronautalis recently finished touring around the country to promote his new album This Is Our Science, which came out earlier in the fall. Here is one of the singles from that album. I encourage everyone, go check out all of his albums. I honestly cannot pick out a favorite.


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    • Zach done said:

      This is most excellent. I love when someone shares something that’s new to me that is this good.

      • HP done said:

        Check out all 3 chapters, it’s all good!

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