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For the past few years, PAX East has graced the Boston Convention Center, filling South Boston with video game news, a place for card game enthusiasts to meet up, and the odor of 1,000 unwashed nerds. Somehow, I had never been until this year. I’ll admit, I went in biased. I was expecting hordes of social awkward nerds, reeking of Cheetos and body odor, dressed in ill-fitting “costumed play” outfits. Turns out I was only half right.

When I was a teenage nerd, video games were a thing many of my class mates played, but only the nerdiest of the nerds kept up on all the news. How times have changed. At PAX, I was met with a diverse crowd … that reeked of body odor. Who cares! I just got a brand new camera, so let’s see how that turned out.


Many put a lot of effort into their costumes.



While others did not.


There were a number of sights I simply could not reconcile.


However, I did spot a few of my heroes.



Leaving PAX, I was unsure if I’d return the next year, but I was glad I came. In the end, what held my interest more than the games was the people-watching. Maybe, next year, I will come just to do that. More photos of my trip to PAX East can be found on Flickr.


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  • dan done said:

    Odor and breath was terrible there. Showers should be mandatory for people before hand

  • Sarah done said:


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