The Ectomobile

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Finally gave my hand at drawing something Ghostbusters related. This is the Ecto-1. I drew this specifically for a poster, that should show up online next week. However, the poster is a touch on the stylized side, but I put in a few week’s into shading this ’59 Cadillac, so here it is in full.


For a little step by step on how I made this, check out the other images after the jump.

 After searching for a good reference photo, I outlined the entire Ecto-1 so I could become familiar with how it’s shaped. Then I went in and did the bumper and fin. The bumper (and fin) consist of primarily 3 layers, a base color, a darks layer, and a lights. Liberal use of gradient.Ecto_early1

The tires were the next step because tires are boring to draw.


I filled the windows with something flamboyant that I could easily block off, so I knew where to not bother with detail. The doors came next, to add definition to the body of the Ecto.


Gradients and some light shading add the illusion of three dimensions. Smaller details start to appear, such as the door handles.


Additional details are added to give more life to the body.


The sirens came next, to add some color. An interior was added for that extra oomph.


I don’t know what happened next, I blacked out for 17 hours.




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