Maybe I Could Write More?

Mon 03.07.16 | Jump to comments

Life is hectic. One day you’re getting married and the next day is actually 2 years later and you have barely updated your website. Maybe I could stand to draw more? I could upload all the sketches I never show anyone. Perhaps I could get myself to write more? I use to write on the internet on a weekly basis. Now, I write once every few years. Maybe I could start uploading photos again? I’ve taken a few photos in the last 5 years that aren’t of gravestones or cats. Perhaps I could just delete this whole paragraph and never speak of it again. No, it’s too late for that, I guess I’ll press on.

Until I begin to write more, I’m just going to leave this on my website. It will stand as a constant reminder to myself that I said I was going to do something and then I did not do that thing. The shame should help motivate me to write more or to ignore this website until the heat death of the universe removes all of the work we have ever done.

But until the universe collapses in on itself, why don’t you follow me on Twitter: HyphenateMe


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