I’m Going to Post 5 More Raps

Mon 11.27.17 | Jump to comments

Did you check out those raps I posted last time? Good stuff, huh? I thought so. In fact it was so good I just had to post more raps.

1) Rings

Used to draw. Hard to admit that I used to draw. Portraiture and the human form. Doodle of a two-headed unicorn.

2) Make You Feel That Way

Going in your 3rd eye for the styles you hear. Making music that’ll bump for a thousand years

3) 95 Radios

And the homies say they heard a rap song. Sounded like some folks they know. But we couldn’t find a radio.

4) Straight Out the Gate

Black diamonds all around callin’ all the down definites. Who saw the clown and now steppin’ with that tall amount of big tech and shit

5) Sunshine

The sunlight hit me dead in the eye. Like it’s mad that I gave half the day to last night.

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