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Mon 01.24.11

If there is one thing we can all be excited for, it’s the end of the work week. Some of us will do almost anything to get through it as fast as possible. That’s what I was going for with the posters below.

As an aside, this is part of a little exercise. I plan on posting a new poster every month, for all of 2011. Please hold me to this. Berate me if I do not. Hit me with rocks. Find my family and threaten them. And so starts the 2011 Monthly Poster Posting Challenge.


J. Edgar Hoover Says…

Mon 11.15.10

I’ve been working on a fairly major project since April, so posting design work online has had to take a back seat. It’s unfortunate, but necessary because this major project is going to knock your socks off. Anyway, here is a little something I created over the summer.

The origin of this poster is simple. I got tired of cleaning my roommate’s spit out of the bathroom sink, so I made this as inspiration. It has yet to work, but the poster is cool. An older version of this poster now sits, lamented, on my bathroom wall.



Sat 10.09.10

I would like to extend my congratulations to Phil and Genevieve, who were married exactly 1 week ago. Phil has been a close friend of mine since, well, birth. I met Vieve back in 2002, when they began dating. Since then, they have both graduated from Berklee College of Music, moved out to LA, started bands, got jobs, lost jobs, and grown into amazing people.

I wish them both the best with all that is to come next, whatever that may be.

Onward they go

There is one more photo right over here