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I’m Going to Post 5 More Raps

Mon 11.27.17

Did you check out those raps I posted last time? Good stuff, huh? I thought so. In fact it was so good I just had to post more raps.

1) Rings

Used to draw. Hard to admit that I used to draw. Portraiture and the human form. Doodle of a two-headed unicorn.

2) Make You Feel That Way

Going in your 3rd eye for the styles you hear. Making music that’ll bump for a thousand years

3) 95 Radios

And the homies say they heard a rap song. Sounded like some folks they know. But we couldn’t find a radio.

4) Straight Out the Gate

Black diamonds all around callin’ all the down definites. Who saw the clown and now steppin’ with that tall amount of big tech and shit

5) Sunshine

The sunlight hit me dead in the eye. Like it’s mad that I gave half the day to last night.


I’m Just Going To Post 5 Raps

Mon 11.13.17

I like rap. I like weird rap. I like nerdy rap. I like hardcore rap. I like sleepy rap. I’m going to post 5 rap.

1) Marvel

call me kingpin cause the way I extort. daredevil deadpool who’s next up. your girl professor x she good from the neck up

2) Never Cry Wolf

to kill your sportsman, the search of the fox. my basset hound still baskerville, sipping on scotch.

3) @ #trapkaraoke

i dont know i dont care i love it

4) Detroit 101

in detroit, never leave ya house without a gun. i don’t give a fuck if you’re gettin’ ya hair done. pickin’ up ya daughter or droppin’ off ya son. ’cause criminals got bullets and dyin’ to share some.

5) Uncle Usi Taught Me

okay so meanwhile footage of me spitting these raps. is playing on every TV station they have. they jail people for that.

If you liked these raps, you’ll probably like other raps. Leave a comment below and tell me about a rap!


A Little Bit of That DTS

Thu 02.23.17

Adorning the walls in my home office are framed posters of some of my favorite rappers and groups; tour posters from Atmosphere, Brother Ali’s promotional materials, illustrations from Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid, the now-classic Run the Jewels gun and fist motif, or an ad from Tech N9ne’s Absolute Power days. I have more Doomtree posters than I have space on my wall, whether it be the collective itself or solo acts like P.O.S or Sims. But, there’s one group I haven’t been able to find any merchandise for and it’s a group I love ever so dearly: The Seattle/Chicago collaboration of Onry Ozzborn and Zavala, Dark Time Sunshine. Turns out I had an extra frame laying around and some spare time, so I set out to fix this poster-sized hole in my heart:

Dark Time Sunshine poste

This was a fun experiment into layer masking in Illustrator and transforming simple, geometric shapes in an entire scene. I’ve never really made anything of this scope before and I had a blast doing it. If you’re at all interested in seeing some of the process, I’ve outlined this in another post.

If you like drawings of rappers, I’ve got you covered.


Rapper Portraits

Sun 09.29.13

This has been my big 2013 project: 9 portraits of some of my favorite rappers.

Rapper Portraits All together now

Here we have Slug (from Atmosphere), MF Doom, Aesop Rock, P.O.S, El-P, Brother Ali, Prof, Danny Brown, and Tech N9ne. Click the the thumbnails below for additional detail and typographic fun!