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A Villainous Valentine’s Day

Sun 02.12.12

This Valentine’s Day, curl up with a loved on on the couch and hold a small country hostage using a self-replicating sound-carried virus or a death ray.

Please enjoy these other Villainous Valentines.

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A Post

Sun 11.06.11

I am starting my new job tomorrow. After almost 5 years sitting in a cubicle working on Excel Spreadsheets I have now moved on to sitting in a cubicle working on cascading style sheets. I’m fairly nervous about this whole event. It’s like starting kindergarten all over again. As history repeats itself, I have not stopped filling my diaper every time I remember I have a New Thing soon. All New Things are scary. It’s a design flaw.

Enjoy some industrial photos, I’m going to go puke on myself again. Here’s a “photo.”


Oiled Up



My Mom Was Once a Visiting Nurse

Tue 10.04.11

While I was toiling away in high school, my mother was supporting our family as a visiting nurse. She would visit low income families, helping patients with long standing issues or who recently had surgery. While driving me through Providence on my way to school, she would leave me with casual observations; such as the inverse correlation between low income and the size of your television.

One particularly unmemorable morning, my mother decided to tell me a story about her previous day at work. Mom was visiting a patient complaining about abdominal pain. The patient, a large, large, large overweight woman, had surgery on her stomach a few days prior. When my mom entered the apartment, she knew something was a little “off.” The air was heavy and smelled faintly of almonds.

Mom inspected the hefty patient, lifting folds and searching through crevices on her torso. My mother had soon located the problem. Under the patient’s fat folds was the cut from her recent surgery. The stitches had burst days ago and the large woman’s large insides were peaking out. The patient was so fat that she did not even notice her gangrene wound.

My mother is not a visiting nurse any more.