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The Break a Branch Tour!

Sun 03.06.11

March’s monthly poster comes a little early. A few months ago, thanks to the magic of Twitter, I met up with local Boston rapper, HW. I was trying to get tickets to see the Doomtree show in Cambridge, but I was annoyed that even the venue’s site was charging a 50% fee per ticket. I didn’t want to organize an evening out just to get turned away at the door, so I did what any man would do; I mentioned something about it on Twitter. Turns out HW was opening for the show! He responded to me, hooked me up with a free song, and sold me 5 tickets are the door price. Every now and then, we would chat on Twitter and this somehow evolved into me making the logo, t-shirt, and poster for his March tour with Jessie Dangerously and Shane Hall!

The Break a Branch Off the Crazy Tree and Beat Your Dick to Death With It Tour!

Show times can be found here. Be sure to check out HW’s site. He has a few songs available for download! #raplife


Winter & More Winter

Mon 02.14.11

It’s been a little while since I last posted a photo. So¬† long, in fact, that it is almost 2 seasons later. Let’s enjoy some seasonal photos! Here is what my neighborhood looks like as of two or three snow storms ago.

Brighton, Winter 2011 #1

What a lovely, frosted morning. I took this photo before running across 3 frozen lanes of traffic to catch the Green Line.

Brighton, Winter 2011 #2

Here’s hoping winter ends soon.



Mon 01.24.11

If there is one thing we can all be excited for, it’s the end of the work week. Some of us will do almost anything to get through it as fast as possible. That’s what I was going for with the posters below.