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Hanging with Shaimus

Tue 09.14.10

A few weeks ago I went out to LA to hang out with my cousins, who just so happen to be in the band Shaimus. You may have heard of them, as they were featured in such games as Guitar Hero and Rock Band 2. With Shaimus I drank a bunch, barely slept, and ate terribly. Suffice it to say, it was a great vacation.

While in LA I joined Shaimus on two gigs. I took the opportunity to snap a gang of photos. Here are a select few:

Phil's Trumpet

Shamius at the Upper Manhattan

Cam & Johannes

You can check out the rest of the Shaimus photos on Flickr. In time, more will be added!



Things That Explode

Mon 09.06.10

Summer is waning down, so let’s relive the few parts of the season that were not hot as Hell. In recent years,  my friends and I have started a Fourth of July tradition. Travis‘ family has a lakeside cabin in New Hampshire, so we all head on up there for the weekend. At the cabin, we swim, enjoy the sun, and blow things up. Here are some photos of things blowing up.

Fireworks 2010 #1

Fireworks 2010 #2


By the way, if you have not ascertained as such, I am on Flickr. It’s a fledgling account, but I expect it to grow, like an acorn in a high yield savings bond.



Wed 09.01.10

This is a poster I made for some reason.


So, would anyone be interested in a poster of this? Is this something people would buy? If you would like a poster (11×17), leave a comment or drop me an email, we can work something out.


I outlined my process and drafts below, if you’re interested.



One of the Times I Almost Killed Myself

Tue 08.24.10

Prior to graduating from college I had a fair number of pretty cruddy jobs. I’ve worked on farms, in food banks, for K-Mart, convenience stores, and the Roger Williams Park Zoo. I was a seasonal worker at the Zoo, a veteran of 3 summers. There are probably a number of stories I could tell about this job, but today’s tale is about one of the times I almost killed myself.

As a member of the Warehouse & Maintenance crew, one of my duties was to help wash up the restaurants by the elephants. One warm, summer day, there was a particular nasty spill that needed tidying. I filled my mop bucket with warm water and poured in a bit of bleach (for that extra shine). I figured the “more the merrier,” so I also grabbed a bottle of industrial strength cleaner to pour into the concoction.

The small plume of smoke rising from the bubbling bucket was my first indication that I screwed up. The burning sensation in my eyes and throat was another. I quickly realized that I had forgotten to check to see if the industrial strength cleaner had ammonia in it. As you may have ascertained, it did.

With haste, I lifted the mop bucket, held my breath, and waddled out the back of the restaurant. Thankfully, the only thing between me and the back door was a small, slippery hallway and a few wayward sleeves of plastic cups. I kicked the half-propped door open, leading me to the small fenced patch of dirt that housed the AC unit, a few trash cans, and a wasp’s nest. I poured the smoking bucket into the dirt and watched as the Earth absorbed the smoking liquid. Then I left.

Sitting on the dust coated picnic table under the big gnarled tree where the employees hang out, I was trying to remember the name of the gas I had just created. I asked my husky Samoan manager, Tone, if she knew the name.

“Death,” she said as she shrugged.

My coworker, Carter, thought for a moment and replied, “Death.”

As Carter sat pondering, our tall, rail-thin, black manager walked through the gate. Tone turned to him and shouted, “Hey ‘Mumba, what’s it called when you mix ammonia and bleach?”

Lumumba thought for a second, raising his brow as he wiped sweat from his mahogany skin. He took his hat off and replied: