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The Last Hyphenfest

Sun 04.15.12

For the past few years, I have held Hyphenfest, a celebration of my super cool birth. I like to be a little over the top, so I always make some sort of ridiculilous poster. This year’s theme is 2012, the end of the days. It’s always fun to try new techniques and styles. Last year, I used a comic book theme. This year, old grindhouse movie posters were my inspiration.

Hyphenfest cool butt poster

Click for much, much, MUCH larger.

I filmed the goings-on at Hyphenfest 2011 and put together 5, short, amusing videos. You can find them over on my Vimeo channel, Hyphen Home Movies, or you can check out the Hyphenfest-only channel. Here’s a sample below:


July’s Explosions

Mon 09.05.11

I took some videos in July and finally got around to editing them. Please to enjoy the colors in the sky.

July 2011. Fireworks display in Salisbury, MA and Merrimack, NH.
Song is “A Spaceship for Now” by RJD2.

Don’t forget, you can find me on Vimeo (and Flickr and Twitter and)


Hyphen Home Movies Part 2

Mon 07.18.11

Last week I posted Part 1 of the Hyphenfest 2011 videos. Please enjoy the downward spiral. By the way, due to some of my more “vocal” friends, these videos might be considered not safe for work, so view them when you get home and have a beer in hand.

Rated PG13 – As the sun sets, our day begins. Energy is renewed, blood mixes with ethanol, and a bunch of nerds discuss Tron for far too long.

Songs: Something from the Tron: Legacy soundtrack, I think.

Rated R – $2.99 for six beers, what could be better? Perhaps, Shoes in 3D? The party spills outside. We reach the peak.

Rated NC17 – Does anyone even use this rating any more? Isn’t it a financial kiss of death? The spiral plummets downward.

Song: “Animal Rap (Arturo Gatti Mix)” Jedi Mind Tricks

Be sure to check the Hyphensite Vimeo channel from time to time, as I think I am going to start uploading the occasional home movie. I’ll try to keep it interesting.


Hyphen Home Movies Part 1

Mon 07.11.11

A few months ago, I uploaded a poster for my annual ironic-narcissist-what-have-you birthday celebration, Hyphenfest.  Typically, I take about 1,000 incriminating photos and post them up on Facebook. However, this year I turned to video. Please enjoy two of five videos from Hyphenfest 2011.

A gathering.

Song: “Numb” by Blueprint

The request was that gifts cost no more than $10, preferably free. It is up to the creativity and ingenuity of the guest to provide a gift worthy of memory. Sadly, not all great items could fit into the video, so thank you to all who attended.

Song: “Wild Life” by Lazerbeak

Come back next week when the next set of home movies are posted!