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Come On, Comcast!

Tue 02.28.12

You are just coming home from work. It’s been a long day. You’re tuckered out. All you want is a beer. You reach into your mail box to find a bill, another bill, and something stamped with “IMPORTANT INFORMATION ENCLOSED” from your internet service provider. Your mind races! Could this be another bill? Did they not receive my last payment? Am I being cut off? Did they trace my IP from that torrent of classic Simpsons episodes I was hypothetically downloading? Did they – oh it’s just leaflet advertising their package TV/internet/phone deals. Just like the last letter.

Now imagine this happens every two weeks. Plus, they leave pamphlets in front of your apartment building. Also, they stick them on top of your mailbox, just in case you missed the last 5 “deals.” And you can see more “HOT DEALS!” taped to the wall as you exit your apartment. Once every September, they even slip a few ads under your door, like some sort of early-bird, uncaring Secret Santa.

Comcast, it’s annoying. Plus, by marking everything you send as “important,” then nothing you send is of any greater importance than anything else. Except the bill you make me pay for your services, which is often sent in an envelope with no markings. Well, how do you enjoy it?

Every mailer I have received in the last few months.

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