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Wed 08.11.10

This is it. This is the website.  Here I will post art, photos, I will talk about comic books, hip hop, and the things that I like. Not much to look at yet, so why not familiar yourself with my Twitter account, seeing as how it’s the only thing around for the time being.

Hyphen What?

Here is some history if you were one of the few wondering about the site’s name. I have a long, annoying hyphenated last name and a generic first name. For three years of college, I had a graphic design professor named Barbara. She taught me the foundations of design and encouraged me to really think through my process. She also was too lazy to type out my full name on our grade sheets, so she just started calling me “Hyphen.” Not one of my more popular nicknames, but it stuck. For those unaware, my more popular nicknames are (in order of most popular to least): HP, Sweetie, Mack Daddy, Big Guy, and Batman.

All of that aside, I couldn’t call this website “HPsite” without getting really, really sued.

I’ll catch you later.